Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Regarding Frienditto

Okay, mainly, I was just looking for an excuse to use the icon.

So--I found out about Frienditto, the other day. There's a lot of controversy going on, regarding it. There are fears that anyone on your friends list who wishes to, can post a friendslocked post of yours onto the Frienditto archives, without your knowledge or permission

I visited the Frienditto site, so I could learn more about it firsthand, but the site appears to be closed, save for the one page that appears on all of the links, requesting donations to help defray bandwidth and legal expenses.

From what I am given to understand by sources here on LiveJournal, your posts cannot be archived to Frienditto without your permission unless someone else knows both your userid and your password. So, regardless of the fact that people from LJ Drama started this thing, if your password is secure, then your journal ought to be secure, as well. Or am I missing something here?

Unfortunately, the Frienditto FAQ page is inaccessible, or I'd have tried to investigate further. But I think what's been posted here on LJ makes it pretty clear.

For LJ's opinion of this, read the User Info page for ditto_cops.

Edit: Viv has explained to me what I wasn't understanding. When someone gives Frienditto their username and password and the URL of one of your friendslocked posts, that gives Frienditto the same access to it that your friend has. So it acts as an uninvited, in through the backdoor, friend. Pretty slimy. My icon stands. People who would create a 'service' that violates privacy and confidences like this are bonehead dorks. *shakes head*

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