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The Department of Blind Services hired me today! :D

I heard my boss transferring a call out to our main room, and she said to the transcription clerk, "It's for Chantal." I wondered who the heck would be calling me at work. I never get calls at work. It was the regional director at DBS, calling to offer me the receptionist job. I about fell over!

I really, did not expect to get this job, because I still had that cold when I interviewed. I'm stunned.

But I'm even more stunned by what my boss told me. I asked her if I could work part-time doing transcription, to keep my hand in, and she said yes!!! It's all contingent on whether the Lighthouse can afford it, of course, but just knowing that my boss would be glad to have me still working for her lights up my day. I'm so very glad, because I love the work. I've loved doing medical transcription more than any job I've ever had, and I'm grateful beyond belief to have the chance to still do it. Even if they can't work out a part-time arrangement, just knowing that they were willing to means a lot.

So, on March 21, I'll be employed permanently. *does the Snoopy dance* I can't think of a better way to spend the Spring Equinox than as a day-long celebration and thanksgiving. It will also be my Grandma Smith's 91st birthday. :)

And DragonCon, here I come! Whee!

From the LMAO Department: Spiderman Saves! (courtesy of theo1)

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: Luque rods - custom-contourable metal rods used for the treatment of scoliosis. These have an advantage over Harrington rods, which are made for the same purpose, in that Luque rods do not require that the patient spend months in a body cast after surgery. However, snce they are attached to the spine via wires which are threaded through each segment of vertebrae, there is more risk that their placement might damage the spinal cord.

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