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Okay, Ralski, something to cheer you up for a moment: (g)

If I were God over LiveJournal... by shinikami
Jesus would belrodell
The four archangels would bemusesong
The Blessed Virgin would betarlia
Satan would betheo1
The antichrist would beshadowflyer
And YOU would beJust nobody
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(Snagged from iswari's journal)

New Books: I love getting books in the mail. Today, I got Graves' Disease--In Our Own Words and The Forensic Anthropology Training Manual, courtesy of Amazon and its used bookstore affiliates. Gotta love 'em!

Medical Transcription Amusement of the Day:

Heard in Dictation: "The date is March 1, 2005, x days before my birthday."

I'm guessing someone he knew walked by him, and he was trying to give that person a hint. Unless he expects me to buy him a present. (g)

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: Lichen sclerosus et Atrophicus - also known in males, when it occurs to the genitalia, as balanitis xerotica obliterans. A disease that causes sclerosing and inflammation on whatever part of the body it affects. Ouch. I wasn't able to read too much about this, because I had other reports to type.

Food: The smell of Mark's spaghetti sauce permeates the house. It smells so good!

Tonight for supper, I am eating Chantal's Weird Pesto. Into the spaghetti and olive oil, I have added garlic powder, minced onion, ginger, dill, and mint. It doesn't taste half bad!

If you're wondering why I'm not eating Mark's spaghetti sauce, it's because he loads it down with cayenne pepper and ground red papper, etc., so that, while it smells very good, I don't like eating it. It's way, way too spicy for me. Italians don't put all that stuff in spaghetti sauce.

TV: Crossing Jordan was very good, last night. The episode centered around Jordan's relationship with a heart surgeon she once studied under. There were numerous flashbacks of her medical residency and an operation that went wrong, in which the bigshot heart surgeon was negligent during surgery--didn't use a Doppler device to assess the condition of the patient's aorta. When he cut into it, it collapsed, and she bled out. Jordan wanted to be a heart surgeon back then, so she kept quiet about this, at first. However, Macy, who was investigating the case for the coroner's office, kept bugging her. It was very neat and showed a lot of what Jordan was like when younger and how she decided to go into forensics.

Cold Case Files was creepy--a mother who gave birth and then somehow killed four of her infant children--and later gave birth to eight others who she didn't kill. *scratches head*

House, MD was good. I realy wish, though, that they would stop using Dr. House's belief that all patients lie as the show's belief. It gets rather irritating when so much of the suspense of the show is built around what the patient isn't telling the doctors, rather than their own medical misperceptions. There are plenty of medical misperceptions, but the idea that the patient lies is always crucial to the episode, rather than simple medical miscalculation. Ailments are misdiagnosed all the time in the real world, not necessarily because the patient lied or withheld information, but sometimes because the doctor's expertise doesn't lie in that area or because the true cause of a disease is too well masked. On the other hand, I realize that wondering what the patient is hiding is dramatically suspenseful and more exciting than 'the doctor just got it wrong.'

Weather: It's been raining all day. Bleah.

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