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LJ is Back!

Yea, LiveJournal is back up! Unfortunately, it is now time for me to go to bed. Zzzz...

Movie: Mark and I and our friend Tom went to see Sideways. It's an interesting independent film that features a lot of stuff about California wine-growing country, though the story is primarily abut a road trip taken by a lounge lizard bridegroom and his rather nebbish best man the week before the groom's wedding.

It made me crave wine. *WANTS some Asti Spumante!*

Graves' Disease Project: I have written to Ken Graves and ordered a book about the disease from Amazon...along with one on forensic anthropology, for my own pleasure. Next stop, irish medical libraries and medical history books/sites.

The Project 2071: Kelli, I think I'd like to do some plotting with William and Mateo. Are you interested? I must also tweak William's sheet.

Snagged from the journal of: thomsolo

You Belong in the USA


People either love you or hate you

And you really don't care what anyone thinks

Big and bold, you do things your way

Hooray! The illustration is an astronaut! :D

Actually, I could be quite happy in England, Wales, or Ireland--anyplace where there are pubs, good music, and good friends. And tea.

But I have to admit, those countries would have to go some, to beat out Texas. :) *loves Texas*

Good night!

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