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Obsolete Skill Quizzage, Constantine, and a Dream

Welcome! Welcome to medtransmom, who I have just added to my friends list.

Snagged from the journal of qos

Songs of Innocence, Introduction
You are 'regularly metric verse'. This can take
many forms, including heroic couplets, blank
verse, and other iambic pentameters, for
example. It has not been used much since the
nineteenth century; modern poets tend to prefer
rhyme without meter, or even poetry with
neither rhyme nor meter.

You appreciate the beautiful things in life--the
joy of music, the color of leaves falling, the
rhythm of a heartbeat. You see life itself as
a series of little poems. The result (or is it
the cause?) is that you are pensive and often
melancholy. You enjoy the company of other
people, but they find you unexcitable and
depressing. Your problem is that regularly
metric verse has been obsolete for a long time.

What obsolete skill are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

To which I say, "No way! It will never die!" Hehehehe.... The quiz is accurate, though; I do specialize in writing regularly-metered verse, such as Shakespearean sonnets.

Movie: Mark and I saw Constantine Friday night. I did not really get into the movie, though it was nice to see Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz. The movie was too much like an episode of Buffy, without the charm or the wit. Constantine is just this guy who's terminally ill with lung cancer, who can see demons and angels, and starts off in the movie, trying to 'buy' his way out of an eternity in Hell.

Part of me kind of wondered whether anyone making this film had ever actually seen a terminally-ill lung cancer patient. I don't think such a person would have the stamina to do the physical stuff that Constantine was doing in this movie--fighting off demons, etc. That's not the reason I didn't care for the movie, though. It just didn't grab my emotions. Plus, it seemed to be going with a rather old-fashioned view of Catholicism that didn't appeal.

I would have done Satan entirely differently. To my way of thinking, no one ever seems to remember in these films that Satan used to be the angel Lucifer, and I would think that would be a very important part of his personality. I have way, way different ideas about Satan, I think, than many people do. I've even written some of them down as the basis for a novel. Interestingly enough, seeing movies like Constantine does give me food for thought about the novel, which is neat!

Dream (02/20/05): I saw this woman with short, dark, curly hair; she looked to be in her late thirties or early forties. She was wearing a long dress, and I realized that she was getting married. I took her right hand, and suddenly, I was her bride, and we were standing at the back of the church, still holding hands, in front of the priest. She did the kneel thing that Catholics do before we go to sit down on a pew, and I curtsied to the priest. Then we moved off toward the left, just behind the back of the last row of pews, stood facing perpendicular to the pews, and the priest married us. In the dream, he said some of the most beautiful, profound things I have ever heard about marriage, gay or straight.

When he finished, Mark and our friend Tom, who were sitting in the pews, applauded loudly, and so did I, as well as several other people. I wish I could remember what the minister said!

After that, the dream changed, and I was a man looking for the bathroom. I was also myself, drawing a pencil sketch for shusu of the wedding. I remember thinking, "Man, when Shusu sees this, she is going to know how girly and frilly and flowery I am, just from this picture. Oh well!" I was drawing curlicues and ribbons all around the edges of it and smearing the image just a bit, to make it look more ethereal. That's all of it that I can remember.

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