Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Artsy Today

Art/Iconage: New icons featuring the paintings of Charles S. Lidderdale.

I have enough images to make a second set of isons of women (not from art). I should work on those, tonight. I also need to work on putting together some art/images with text.

I also have microscope slide images for a set of medical geek wallpaper tiles. Sometimes, I wonder about myself...

I found a new artist, Nancy S. Cookson, who I must learn more about. She does lovely paintings!

Writing: Some characters in a story I've been working on startled me by being far more intelligent and restrained than I expected them to be--right up until the moment I wrote their actions. Scary.

TV: I see, from last night's episode of House, MD, that Dr. House is going to have to hit rock-bottom before he does something about his Vicodin addiction. *wince* That's not going to be pretty.

The Cold That Came in from the Spy--Or Something Like That: Heh...Tried to get an appointment to see my doctor today--but she was out sick! I hope she doesn't have what I've had for the last two weeks.

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