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Writing and Priorities

While lying in bed, I got to thinking about something, today.

I have not done any serious, disciplined writing since Nanowrimo. That's just wrong.

I write interactively in the evenings with a friend, but that isn't the same as real, polished writing that you work hard at. It is never, ever going to prepare me for professional publication, and I'm realizing that I don't want to collaborate--at least, not right now. Not when I don't have a feel yet for the self-discipline a novel demands. Not when I haven't yet exhibited the self-discipline that a novel demands.

I went into Pern fan writing because I regarded it as a stepping-stone to becoming a professionally published writer--and I think it was good practice. Now, I need to get my act together and really work at this. And that will mean giving up something I've been loath to give up for quite some time.

A novel is not calling to me at the moment, but could that perhaps be because I haven't been listening? Could it be because I have let myself become involved with something else, rather than listen to the 'voice' of a novel begging me to be written? If nothing else, I have my Nano works to plow through--Ealdru, Vendetta, and The Curse of Avriet. Even during Nano, I could see things I needed to do, to improve Curse. But it will never get done unless I give up something I'm hesitant to give up.


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