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Interviewed Today

I had the interview at DBS, today. Question-wise, I think it went pretty well. I interviewed with the regional director and his assistant. Unfortunately, I had two coughing attacks in the middle of it--the sort where you start coughing and can't stop without the aid of cough drops. So I have no idea what sort of impression I made. People always say you should never cancel a job interview, because your chances of being invited to reschedule back are slim, and it just doesn't look good. If I had been really badly sick, I would have asked to reschedule, anyway, but I don't feel miserable, anymore, just very tired. My coughing is more from post-nasal drip tickiling my throat than anything else.

I could not manage ladylike coughs; these were loud, honking things from the epiglottis. *buries face in hands*

They'll be interviewing the rest of this week, and they expect to make a decision by the end of this month or the beginning of March. I'll keep my fingers crossed but not hold my breath. Must write the thank-you letters tonight.

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: 6-MP - mercaptopurine, a drug used in the treatment of leukemia and Crohn's disease.

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