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Have received sonnet help. Am going to do something with it, now. I want that sonnet to be good. I want it to thrill me, every time I read it.

*crawls to the loratadine bottle* I forgot to take it, last night. Very, very stupid of me.

baghdaelf--Don't plan on writing with me, this weekend. I am just not up to it. I can't even promise how I'll feel on Monday. *Hugs*

*tires of self-indulgent cold crap*

Movie: If you haven't seen The Aviator yet, go see it! Leonardo diCaprio had better get the Best Actor Oscar for his work in this. It's every bit comparable to Russell Crowe's excellent work in A Beautiful Mind. And Cate Blanchett as Katherine Hepburn is...priceless!

Food! In response to all the evil people on my friends list who are posting recipes for delicious food, I have now started this. *whimpers*

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