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September 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Friday, at Last!

I went to work yesterday, but I was very glad to get home and crawl into bed when I got there. Stupid cold. Wednesday night, I had the joyous experience of trying to fall asleep while mouth-breathing. Somehow, I managed it, but not until I would guess about 2am. Bleah. Thank God for loratadine.

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: xerostomia - dry mouth.

Job Hunt: I have an interview on Monday at 1pm for the DBS receptionist job. I'm still in a quandary about it; I half hope I get it, and I half hope I don't. I was cheered up by the realization that all the other caseworkers there will probably be having their unemployed clients with clerical experience apply, and I know at least one of them--Louise. Louise was in Job Club with me, so if I don't get the job, I hope she will. She used to work a switchboard at a local animal shelter.

I have decided to take myself out of the nailbiting equation. I am going to stop worrying about whether I want the job; I am simply going to hope that whoever DBS hires will be the best person for the job. That way, I'm not thinking about myself, and that makes things less stressful, all the way around. I'll be spending this weekend studying and rehearsing how I will answer interview questions. I need the employment too much to screw up this chance by being unprepared.

Movie: Mark and I and our friend Tom are going to see The Aviator tonight, and we're looking forward to it. I heard a lecture on BookTV about some of the psychological preparation that Leonardo diCaprio did for this movie, teaching himself to get into Howard Hughes' OCD mindset, so he should be fascinating to watch. Apparently, even his brain waves altered, when he would get deeply into the role.

RPG's: I feel so far behind in my RPG's that I don't know how I will ever catch up. *sigh* My poor character Noel has been abandoned for the last week or so, at least. *pets Noel*

As for William...Today at lunch, I went through all the things a Catholic priest needs to know how to do. I need to talk with Kelli about things William's schismatic sect of Catholicism might do. I've written his introductory post, but having written it, I now need to revise his character sheet. Joy!

I think I'm going to go crash now, so I can feel semi-alive by movie time. Bye!

Yes, I Am a Dork! I saw this in caniche's journal:

List five fictional people -- from television, movies, books, whatever -- who you had a crush on as a child (or early teens). Then post this on your LiveJournal so other people can know what a dork you've always been.

  1. Officer Reed from Adam-12, played by Kent McCord. I had such a huge crush on Kent McCord that I still adored him when he starred in Galactica 1980. *swoon*
  2. John Gage (Randolph Mantooth), one of the paramedics from Emergency!
  3. Dr. Kelly Brackett (Robert Fuller) from Emergency!
  4. Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) from Star Trek - Yeah, me and every other fangirl on the planet. (g)
  5. Jonathan Raven (Jeffrey Meek) from Raven. If you see my icon of the guy with the katana, that's him, so you know now that my adoration is unending. (g) He is also the body model for my character Aerden. I even watched Mortal Kombat Conquest, just to see Meek in it.

Current Mood: Must...have...Ricola!

Which schismatic Catholic sect is William in? I know some United Reform Catholics.

Bill--It's something invented for a role-playing game I'm in. I don't know what the DM wants to call it yet, so I'm calling it the Catholic Church, Revelatory Rite. Privately, I'm envisioning it as a cross between Wicca and Catholicism, but like I said, I need to talk more with our DM.

I had never heard of the United Reform Catholic Church, before; just the Roman Rite and the Celtic Rite, and Greek Orthodoxy, which is somewhat different, as well as Ethiopian Orthodoxy. I'll have to read up on the United Reformists.


If you haven't already, just go to http://www.unitedreformcatholicchurch.com

Good people.

Randolph Mantooth played DeSoto....

No, Kevin Tighe played Roy DeSoto. Randolph Mantooth did, in fact, play Johnny Gage.

I miss that show....

*snickers* I miss that show, too, but I have to admit, I've been terribly spoiled by ER and House, MD.

And yep, Mantooth was Gage. I couldn't actually remember the name of Kevin Tighe's character. I'd forgotten that it was DeSoto. Glad someone reminded me!


*snickers* I miss that show, too, but I have to admit, I've been terribly spoiled by ER and House, MD.

Fair enough. I would consider ER, at least, a direct descendant of Emergency! in any case. House, MD is not one I've ever seen, is it a cable show, or network? I don't have cable, so it that's where it's seen, I wouldn't be able to watch it anyway.

Thom--House, MD airs on your local Fox network affiliate. In Houston, it airs at 8pm on Tuesday nights, but I'm not sure about Chicago.

If you saw any of the Superbowl, there were ads for it during the game.

The starring role is played by a guy who used to play (I think) the Prince of Wales in Blackadder.--Hugh Laurie.


If it's a Fox network show, then it should be on at the same time all over... so I'll try and catch it.

Yes, Hugh Laurie played Prince George in Blackadder the Third.