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Back Among the Living

Feeling much better now, after two days of feeling like crap warmed over. I stayed home form work on Tuesday and slept for most of the day. Today is the first day in a while that I've come home from work not feeling exhausted.

I'm working on a sonnet. *does the Snoopy dance* Viv--I'm using some of the text from one of Paul's poems to Lilith, the one that begins, "I'll hold your hand when the dark shadows all." When I finish it, I'll post it at the Muse Voices website and might enter it into a poetry contest, if I think it's good enough.

Scratch that. If I don't think it's good enough to enter in a poetry contest, I'll work at it until I do think it's good enough. No point in producing shoddy work.

I might be on Fox news tonight (whatever the local Houston Fox affiliate is). I'm not being interviewed or anything. I'll be the short person bundled up like Kenny, walking toward the 8 West Bellfort bus stop at the TMC Transit Center. There's been a guy soliciting signatures for a petition to increase the frequency of bus runs on our route, and I guess the local news people found out about it. They had a reporter and a cameraman with a camcorder there. You might even get to hear me singing "Ubi Caritas" in the background, but I doubt it.

The boss brought doughnuts to work today. Have I ever mentioned that I love my boss? Seriously, she is a very fine lady and a good person to work for--the best boss I've ever had, I think.

Medical Transcription Words of the Day: You get two, since I was out yesterday.

amaurosis fugax - blindness in one eye, caused by a temporary lack of blood flow to the retina. It can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes and is thought to originate from small blood clots coming from the carotid arteries.

periadenitis mucosa necrotica recurens - A severe form of canker sores, which are also known as RAU's (recurrent aphthous ulcers). Was too busy to look up 'aphthous' today.

MT Giggle of the Day: "The prostate feels no nodules."

Current Word That's Annoying to Type: jejunum :P

Seen in caniche's journal:

If you read this, even if I don't speak to you often, post a memory of me in comments. It can be anything you want; it can be good or bad, just so long as it happened.

Then post this to your journal. See what people remember about you...

My Favorite Memory of Caniche: I first 'met' Caniche when I visited her Black Pages website and requested to have my Death-Eater character Paul Graves listed there. I used a picture of Frederic Chopin as his body model, and when Caniche wrote back, she was curious about my use of Chopin and mentioned that she liked his music. We had a fun conversation about Chopin and the Harry Potter universe, in general.

My favorite Death-Eater, aside from Paul, in the Black Pages: Lady Isobel Wren. (g) "Honey, if you eat my Death By Chocolate Orgasm Cheesecake, you will become a Death-Eater. I've even recruited Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs, that way."

Paul is scared of Lady Isobel Wren--because her technique would so work on him! (g) And Seth, Mr. Chocaholic? He's doomed.

Tell me, why hasn't Voldemort ever thought of this technique?

Late, But...

To the last crew of the Space Shuttle Columbie: Rest in Peace.

To the people of Iraq: Congratulations on a very successful election! I am glad that no more violence occurred than did. and I will think of those who died in my prayers. Everyone who went out to vote on January 30 was fighting for freedom in the face of those who would crush it, and I have deep respect for your courage. Allahu ackbar!

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