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September 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Dream from Saturday Night

I am not sure if this was one dream or a combination of two or three.

In part of it, I dreamed that I was writing a sort of round-robin (non-Pern) story with several of my friends, one of whom was rclementmoore, and others might have been crackferret and xanath. Rosemary had decided that what we were all writing was really interesting to her, and she was going to compile it into book form.

Then it shifted into being about this guy who reminded me a lot of my character Seth, and this dark-haired girl. When the dream started out, the girl was supposed to teach 'Seth' something. There was a long, involved lot of discussion between the two of them about the mechanics and theory behind whatever form of magic or psionics was being taught. I kept getting glimpses of 'Seth's' life outside of this instruction. He seemed to be a medical doctor and also an archaeology student, and the archaeology professors were jealous of the fact that 'Seth' had other obligations in addition to archaeology. 'Seth' seemed to be aware of this and was ticked off by their attitude.

Then there was a long stretch of me typing the story of 'Seth' and this girl, and the magical/psionic instruction, and at some point, I realized that the story wasn't working because 'Seth' needed to be teaching her. So I had to start rewriting the thing and work out how this switch in teacher-student roles would change the story.

This was not Hogwarts Seth. He looked to be in his twenties, and he was quite a lot older in his mind, and tired, had had to bear a lot of responsibilities in his life. Not at all the cheerful guy I'm used to. In the dream, he had a greyhound named Sarah.

What struck me about this dream or dreams was how much time I spent intensely writiing. While I wrote, my entire attention was consumed by that and by working out the plot problems I was seeing.

Edit: What if this character wasn't Seth, but Myradin? It would make sense, with the age, the maturity, and the character being a doctor. Weirdly, though, I still get a sense of Seth from the dream, and not Myradin. Myradin is more joyful than this character was. I got a strong sense of tiredness and watchfulness from the guy in the dream. Not Myradin, but I can see that in an older Seth.


Now this is interesting. :) I love dreams about writing. They usually get me charged up to do something.


Kris--*nods* Yes, I definitely did wake up in a writing mood, today. I've staved it off for a while because I wanted to do other things, but I do plan to give in to it, now that the other things are over.


Writing dreams

What a very cool dream. How amused I am to have been in it.

I adore writing dreams, and I invariably wake up inspired. Sometimes its as if I'm watching what is happening, as the author, but often I'm first person in my character's head. These, of course, are the best. Interesting that you not only dreamed the story but dreamed editing and changing the direction of it.

You seem to be doing a fair bit of Hogwarts writing? Are you posting somewhere? I'm curious about the characters, since you've spoken of them often in your lj.