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Fond Recollection

I just realized how much I've missed writing Aerden. It's a good feeling. :) Thank you, crackferret, for giving me the excuse! (g)

Snagged from the journal of rclementmoore:

1. Comment with any subject that you would like me to rant on, with possible swearing involved. Any subject -- but notice you might want me to rant against the subject and OMG I rant for it.
2. Watch my journal for your rant.
3. Post this in your own journal, so that you may rant for others.

I'll start doing them as they come in!

Movie: We saw Coach Carter tonight, starring the brilliant Samuel L. Jackson as a California high school basketball coach who considers getting his team educated is more important than playing basketball. Apparently, this is as novel a concept in California as it is in some places here in Texas. This is a very, very good movie, along the lines of The Emperors' Club, which I also highly recommend.

I still think Samuel L. Jackson should have gotten an Oscar for his performance in Unbreakable. It really pisses me off that Denzel Washington got an Oscar before Samuel L. did. Ah well. And I really think they should start a new Oscar category: Best Youth Actor, so that some of these excellent child actors, like Haley Joel Osmond and Dakota Banning, can get the recognition they deserve for the outstanding work they do.

Work: The work was slow coming in this morning, so I did some websurfing and found a website about achromatopsia--monochrome colorblindness. I was interested in the subject because I read about the South Pacific island of Pingelap in Oliver Sacks' book The Island of the Colorblind. On Pingelap, a significant portion of the population have monochrome colorblindness, all of them descended from the survivor of a typhoon in 1775.

They've made some advances in the management of this condition--using red-tinted contact lenses, for example, to help block out light rays, which helps people with this condition see better. Quite fascinating!

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: alembuzumab - the generic name for the cancer drug Campath. The poor doctor tried spelling this today and fumbled all over the place with it. I was very relieved that he gave the brand name, also, because then I was able to look up the spelling.

MT Mystery Word of the Week: gent - I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be gentamicin, but geeze! Come on, guys, we can't type it unless we're certain of what it is! We really, really dare not guess! Please get this through your heads.

Books: My copy of the tape, A Passion for God - The Path of Bridal Mysticism arrived today. Hurray!! Thank you, qos, for telling me about it. But where is my PaintShop Pro??! *whines*

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