Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Pining for PSP

PSP: Still no PSP. Sometimes, I really hate Amazon's Free Super Saver Shipping.

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: hemochromatosis - The inability to metabolize iron. This causes it to build up in the body's internal organs, causing eventual organ failure. Usually hereditary and known as HHC.

TV: On Tuesday night, I saw the premiere (first ever!) episode of Crossing Jordan. Practically the first lines we hear Jordan Cavanaugh speak are: "Why am I here for anger management counseling? Because I kicked my boss in the cuhones." I about fell over, laughing.

Dog: The Bounty Hunter was good, as usual. There's a DVD out of Dog episodes, but it's only selected ones, and I'm holding out for the unabridged set.

House: The writers finally decided to tackle a realistic parent--IOW, how would a parent really react after being given three diagnoses, and told her child must take in turn three separate drugs, or the kid will die, and all of the preliminary diagnoses are, of course, wrong? You got it; Mom gets fed up and tells House's team where they can go and what to do with themselves. Eventually, they have to resort to trickery when they reach the final (correct) diagnosis. Still, I have to say I'm glad someone at last woke up and wrote abut how parents would really act if confronted with the format of this show in real life.

Proofreading: I swear, my typing is so crappy in these journal entries, it's a wonder that anyone believes I am doing medical transcription for a living. I always have errors. So frustrating.

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