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Dinner: I took Mark out for dinner this evening, and we went to Cafe Express, where I had Heart Attack in a Bowl, otherwise known as their linguini with Four Cheese Sauce. Mmmmm.... I also discovered that you can get a small Caesar salad, instead of the humungous large one. Hurray! Along with it, I had black currant tea, which was not bad. Usually, I don't like fruit-flavored teas.

Hearing Test: I had my hearing check by an audiologist today. The left ear is normal, the right ear isn't, which I've always known. However, it turns out that the hearing loss in the right ear is conductive, not neurosensory, which was a surprise to me. I've had it since birth, so I figured it was probably just nerve damage. Once I get health insurance again, I would like to go to an ENT doctor and find out what the cause is, but I doubt that I will go for surgery. I've had reduced hearing in that ear for 40 years, and I don't see a real need for surgery, even if it would improve the hearing in that ear. Only if I start to lose hearing in my left ear will I consider surgery. But being me, I'm just curious as to what's going on.

Clothes! I went to Ross today and bought a dark fuschia sweater and three Caribbean Joe shirts! I love Caribbean Joe. The clothing under that brand name is attractive, sewn well, and made of good material. Lovely, lovely stuff. I almost bought a pale pink sweater that felt like cashmere, but it turned out to be made of acrylic and spandex, and I'd probably end up sweltering in it. So I bought the third Caribbean Joe shirt and left the wonderfully soft, pale pink exquisiteness on the rack.

Medical Transscription Word of the Day: dehiscence - spontaneous re-opening of a sutured wound. It also refers to the spontaneous opening of a plant pod.

Paint Shop: I bought Paint Shop Pro. It's been shipped but hasn't arrived, yet. I'm waiting with baited breath. Can't wait to get back to work making icons and (I hope) creating good-looking art for my website.

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