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Seen in havocthecat's journal: Houseplants of Gor. I wouldn't visit this site from work. Very, very funny parody, though!

Work: Work was verrrry slow today, so I went around looking for information about false vocal cords, a term I found in a report I had typed. Here goes.

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: false vocal cords - also called vestibular folds. These are located just above the true vocal cords. They are used to create the falsetto vocal tone. Unfortunately, some voice teachers train students incorrectly, causing these false cords to function, so that, in the upper ranges, the voice jumps a sixth or even an octabe higher than it should. As this pitch jumping is beyond the singer's control, it can ruin a career and can take years to correct. Sometimes, the damage is irreversible. So if you sing, be sure your teacher knows how not to train these cords. See The Voice Teacher (Article: "Understanding the Whistle Register") for more detailed information.

SPH: I spent some time over the weekend thinking about the dual nature of Seth. I've at last worked out why he is both very stable and very insecure. that was a rather interesting thought process. Note: I confess here and now that my idea of how legilimency works probably borrows too much from Darkover.

Writing: I'm continuing to work out the details of a story idea that I mentioned in my musevoices journal this past weekend. I at least know that the story is about fatherhood, now. However, I've now run into the problem of making the evil kind of magic used in that universe make sense. The more thought, though, the better, especially if my thinking points out logic holes.

Passing Thought: The term 'fascia lata' reminds me too much of latte.

Bad mboly, for the remark she once made that even scouring charmes can be harmful, if used in certain ways. Got me to thinking about decongestant spells in the wrong hands. Ew.

Earth: 2005: I need to write Noel's response to Lander's email. Hehehe! She just realized what she did and is horrified at herself. *snicker*

Grilled Rice on the Barbie: I didn't get to watch most of Condoleezza Rice's Senate confirmation hearings, because I was at work. But from the little that I did hear...I have to wonder how many of those senators had any real appreciation for the intelligence of the woman they were dealing with? What I saw was her trying to answer their questions, and they giving her nothing but political posturing.

Typical Washington D.C.

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