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Subtracting 9 = (-10+1)

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: venlaxafine - an anti-depressant, chosen because it's such a neat-sounding word.

Funny Medical Transcription Term of the Day: bilingual hernias (sic) :D

I typed 23 reports today, one of them an 11 minute-long referral for assessment of mental confusion. It was pretty interesting, and it was dictated by a doctor I've neve typed for.

Abacus; I figured out how to add and subtract with my abacus, last night; it's much easier than I thought, and only a trifle more cumbersome with my smaller variety of the normal abacus. A normal abacus has two beads at the top and five in each column at the bottom. Mine has only one bead in each top column and four beads in each of the bottom columns. Interestingly, though, it still works just fine.I hope to tackle multiplication and division tonight.

I notice that using an abacus seems to depend heavily on the user already being able to add and subtract in his head; the abacus just makes it a little easier.

Sick Ickies: Mark is sick with a cold. He asked me to get him some cough drops from the store, so I went to Randall's to look for some Ricola. There must be a cold going around, because the Ricola Original flavor cough drops were sold out! So I got him some Echinacea Honey-Lemon and some Lemon Mint ones.

Work: The work is definitely coming in slowly at my office. Today, for the first time since I've been there, I was typing reports dated from this morning. Scary. Nice, because we're supposed to be typing them that quickly, but still--scary.

I want to go to Wal-Mart and look at their blouses, etc. I'd like to get some new casual work clothes.

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