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Abacuses are Neat!

Abacus! I bought an abacus today at work. I had gone to the little shop the Lighthouse runs. It sells useful things like magnifying glasses, etc. I needed to replace the batteries in my lighted magnifier, and there it was, marked down from $25 to $15, so I snapped it up. Now I get to find a website that can teach me how to use it. *bounces*

Edit: I can now display numbers correctly on my abacus; now to learn how to do arethmetic operations with it.

Work: Work's been rather slow for the last couple of days. I'd have thought it would have picked up from after the holidays, by now. When there isn't enough work, the boss gives you the option of taking a vacation day. That's all well and good, unless you want to take vacation later in the year and save your days up until then. This is not boding too well for my prospects of getting to stay on after the OJt is over in April. :( I think my work is satisfactory, but if they're not getting enough in for even the regular employees to do, they won't need me. Still, my supervisor says this won't last, so I guess she's seen slow times before. Eventually, the flood will return.

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: osteophytes - bony outgrowths. An excess of them is called osteophytosis.

Writing: I did some writing last night--wrote a few paragraphs in Professor Snape's point of view, just to get the writing bug out of me. It felt good, and I think I wrote good stuff. I'm rather pleased with it, and I intend to continue. It was nice being able to write it to satisfy myself rather than the requirements of a game. Can be read in tenebricosus.

DE Inspiration? Perhaps I just have a one-track mind, but...I was watching the "Horrible Conspiracies" episode of the miniseries Elizabeth R. I wonder if the costume for the singer at the beginning of the episode might have been an inspiration for Rolwing's idea of Death-Eaters? Quite creepy.

Why I Love the Harry Potter Books: Seen in shusu's journal. hesychasm explains it all very succintly in An Advertisement for Harry Potter.

TV: Grrrr! If A&E has hijacked Crossing Jordan reruns for some stupid-ass reality dating show, I will write them a blistering letter!

Either that or sob brokenheartedly. (g)

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