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Aerden [userpic]
Mr. Sizemore


The actor who played the lawyer Mr. Sizemore on the TV show Reasonable Doubts is now playing a client on Boston Legal. His character on BL is about is brainless as his character on RD.


Crossing Jordan was good, tonight.


Rosemary--I only caught the second half of it, though. What happened to her father?! I paid rapt attention to the second half of the episode, and then it ends with a mention that her father is missing. I almost freaked.

Um, yes, I am rather fond of Jordan's father. I grew even more fond when I found out that the actor played Thomas Jefferson in the 1776 movie! He's Ken Howard. Does a really good Irishman, I must say!


Jordan's Dad

Um, actually, I was planning to ask YOU what had happened to Jordan's dad. I hadn't watched the current season at all until last night. Now I'm quite confused and concerned!

I did not realize that was Ken Howard from 1776. He looked so much taller next to William Daniels and Howard DaSilva (and I'm sure I didn't spell that right).