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November 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Mr. Sizemore


The actor who played the lawyer Mr. Sizemore on the TV show Reasonable Doubts is now playing a client on Boston Legal. His character on BL is about is brainless as his character on RD.


Crossing Jordan was good, tonight.


Crossing Jordan was excellent tonight. I've been catching the reruns on A&E lately, which motivated me to try and catch the new episode tonight. I love the way the series has matured, and I really like Jordan and the way Jill Hennessy plays her.

Rosemary--I only caught the second half of it, though. What happened to her father?! I paid rapt attention to the second half of the episode, and then it ends with a mention that her father is missing. I almost freaked.

Um, yes, I am rather fond of Jordan's father. I grew even more fond when I found out that the actor played Thomas Jefferson in the 1776 movie! He's Ken Howard. Does a really good Irishman, I must say!


Jordan's Dad

Um, actually, I was planning to ask YOU what had happened to Jordan's dad. I hadn't watched the current season at all until last night. Now I'm quite confused and concerned!

I did not realize that was Ken Howard from 1776. He looked so much taller next to William Daniels and Howard DaSilva (and I'm sure I didn't spell that right).