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Writing Blahs

Not much is happening, today. Paul has been bugging me to write him, but the story I want to write isn't working out--I can't make the logistics work--so I'm reluctant to even begin it, even though I want to write something, anything, about him.

*inspiration* I'm going to see if the people at write_away have any good writing exercise ideas. Maybe that will help.

It's either that or go nuts, today.

Was discussing this with baghdaelf:

Aerden: A reasonable evil character for this game would be some small-time extortionist or blackmailer. But I'm not interested in writing those. No, I want to write a villain with brilliance and grandeur. (g) Operatic. A pimp in a very rough brothel doesn't do it, for me.

Baghdaelf: So what does>?

Aerden: Someone who has deep conflicts within himself about whether to do good or evil. Someone who is capable of doing both, for his own reasons. Someone who doesn't compromise his moral code, whatever that code is. Someone who is not in it for money, power, sexual gratification, etc., but for something deeper. See my problem?

At 2:40pm: You know, I'm going about this all wrong. I'm thinking about Paul, but I'm not giving thought to the other characters who'll need to be in the story, or what the plot should be. I need to get my head out of my ass. Who is his opposition?

The qualities I described above could in fact be components of any villain, even a brothel-keeper, if he's written well enough. So why do I want to write a character on the par of Professor Moriarty?

At 4:15pm: I'm working on an idea, now. I haven't written anything yet; am just mulling over how to set things up in my head. But I at least have something to work with, finally.

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