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November 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
HP Book 6: Out of Rowling's Hands

Harry Potter Stuff: You must read this! LMFAO!!!!

I love you, shusu! Thank you so much for pointing me to it!

And therefore, I give my response:

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince as written by Marion Zimmer Bradley

In this book, the Wizarding World and the Muggle World begin to make tentative efforts to merge in the face of a common enemy, the Death=Eaters.

Noting the growing psychic bond between himself and Harry, Voldemort decides to focus upon the uses of legilimency and occlumency as methods of destroying Harry. He forms among the Death-Eaters a cadre of skiled legilimentes who invade, not just Harry's dreams, but also his waking life, making it even more of a hell than it already is, in Potions class.

Dumbledore, against Snape's advice, gives Harry a powerful, magical artifact with which to defend himself from Voldemort's legilimentes. But, as Snape predicted, the artifact is too strong for Harry, being in fact imbued with the spirit of a long-dead legilimens whose mind now lives inside it and who wants Harry to be her 'host.'.

Hermione and Ron decide they must join forces to aid Harry in fighting off the mental influence of Voldemort and everyone else, so they form their own legilimency group. Though Ron turns out to be naturally gifted at mental wizardry, Hermione, being more willing to work at legilimency than either Harry or Ron, soon takes on a leadership role, which just ruins her and Ron's love-life.

At last, in the final battle that always happens at the end of the school year, Voldemort and his people launch an all-out mental attack on Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Our three young heroes prevail, but at the cost of Hermione's life, as she gives her last full measure and goes up in a pillar of flame, leaving Ron and Harry to mourn her and burning off Harry's wand hand in the process.

This results in Harry raging bitterly that he can do nothing, nothing...

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ROFL . . .

For Ron and Hermione, read Regis and Danilo? :D


The Heritage of the Half-Blood Prince

Kris--Hehe!!! I guess Ron and Hermione would be the closest analogues to Regis and Danilo, though I was being more vague than that. I had considered having Snape take the Dyan Ardais role, but I decided that was way too unimaginative. So I had Voldemort be Kadarin sort-of, instead.

And I don't give Harry a Diotima because she deserved so much better than Lew... (g)


Re: The Heritage of the Half-Blood Prince

Tell me about it. Poor thing . . . stuck with that self-pitying mess. At least it was a freemate marriage and not di catenas. Yuck.

I think I read somewhere that Lew Alton was one of MZB's very first characters. He certainly comes off as the brooding, angsty figment of a young girl's imagination. Am I a terrible person for liking Dyan Ardais more? He was a bigot and a monster, but he was witty!


Re: The Heritage of the Half-Blood Prince

I like Dyan Ardais more, too! I went through most of Heritage of Hastur thinking he was absolutely horrible--and he was. But yes, he was witty, and he was also capable of righting his wrongs or at least taking responsibility for them. A cynic might argue that he adopted Danilo because he needed an heir, but I think he also recognized that he had behaved with dishonor, and repairing that mattered to him. Whatever else can be said of Dyan Ardais, I do think he had honor, and I was rooting for him at the end of Heritage.

However, what MZB did with him in Sharra's Exile really pissed me off. *rolls eyes*


*sporfle* *dies laughing* I love it!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I was afraid it wouldn't be funny. (g)


If ever you've read MZB, it really, really is. But now I think you need to do a Harry Potter as written by MZB while in her Mists of Avalon period too. Just because. :)

LMAO!!!! Yes!

Let's see, now...It would start with Professor McGonagall initiating Hermione and Ginny into some all-female version of the Order of the Phoenix, and... *starts thinking*