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July 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
More Medical Geekery

hehehe! I love doctors who have a sense of humor. I did a Google image search for a photograph I saw at work of a woman with exophthalmos--I considered it a truly frightening picture. Elsewhere on the search results page, I found an image of Bart Simpson labeled 'exophthalmos.' *snickers*

Work: I missed 'polycythemia vera' on a report today because I thought the doctor was saying womething else very fast. I'm very relieved that my supervisor caught it. *sigh* I hate making mistakes like that. At least it wasn't a stupid mistake, but still...no mistake is really acceptable in this line of work.

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: Goeckerman's treatment - For psoriasis. Chosen because it made me think of geckoes.

Tricia--If you read this, I'm in the room.


eeee - I just went and looked up 'exophthalmos' because of you!

Cool! :D

I really was amzed, when I saw some of those photographs. That condition has got to be painful; I don't see how it couldn't be. *shakes head*


I love doctors who have a sense of humor.

As long as they're not after your blood, I'm game. ;-)

Ah, so you use the Greek form; we generally use the Latin one (-us) over here. It's still a pain to spell, though. :-P)

yeah, that 'phth' bit drives me nuts!

Yep, we use the Greek version over here. I'm not really sure why, since we use the Latin prefix 'ex.' *scratches head*