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Home at Last

It's good to be home. Work trickled in today; I'm not sure why it was so slow.

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: hidradenitis suppurativa - inflammation of a sweat gland.

Nova Roma: It's official my NR name is now Paulla Corva Gaudialis. Yes, I know you folks from SPH are going to laugh and call em obssessed. (g) I wanted to keep Renata as my praenomen, but it wasn't really period for Republican Rome, being derived more from a Christian era. Of all the praenomina I was given to choose from, I liked Paulla the best; I don't really like most Roman female praenomina. There aren't that many, to begin with, as most Roman women simply took the feminine form of their father's surname--So that Gaius Julius Caesar's daughter, for example, was named Julia. Gaudialis is as close as I could get to my mundane surname Gaudiano. So my NR name is, essentially, 'small, joyful raven.'

LOC: I want a nap. Zzzzz....

Supposed Voting Irregularities: I see on the news that John Conyers is wanting to head an investigation into supposed voting irregularities in Ohio, etc.

I'm afraid I'm not buying.

I figure there's a good chance that the Democrat presidential candidate will win in 2008. If that happens, and the Democrats call for an investigation of the election in 2008, then I will support it. As it stands, though, this effort looks to me like people trying to stir up dust, and it doesn't impress me any more than Republicans trying the same thing after a Democrat win would. Funny, but it always seems to be the losers who complain. When I see the winners complaining, then I'll be more receptive to this idea.

Now, I do agree that we should have some voting practice reforms. For example, I strongly believe that balloting format should be uniform across all of the states, and all states should have the same type of voting system. We should not have punch cards in one state or district and electronic machines somewhere else.

I'm not saying that fraud doesn't happen--LBJ's backers were certainly guilty of it, and I believe Kennedy's backers were, too. Voting fraud is wrong, and it it actually did occur somewhere, I would want that investigated, and I would want it to be prevented from happening again. But I would trust the investigation more if it weren't so apparently one-sided. I suppose I am not making much sense I just feel very, very cynical about the whole situation.

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