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Character Sheet - Brother Paul Fidelius

(Backdated - Work in Progress)

This character sheet is for the Subtle Darkness RPG.

General Information:

Name: Brother Paul Fidelius (was Paul Lenoir)
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 37
Height: 5'9" Weight: 170 lbs.
Build: Lean, somewhat athletic.
Hair: Black, tonsured. Eyes: Green
Complexion: Fair
Voice: Low tenor; good singing voice.

Nationality: Paul's ancestry is French, but his family fled to England to escape an epidemic, and Paul was born near London. The family soon settled in Newent, Gloucestershire, where Paul's father started an apothecary business.

Notes: Suffered a mild stroke two years ago, which has left him unable to write, though he can still sketch. His signature is an illegible scrawl, unless he has something to copy from--in which case, what he 'writes' is a picture-perfect sketch of what he copied from.

Paul begins the game as a resident of Tewkesbury Abbey, where he serves as an infirmarian. At the start of the game, he has been a monk for seven years and has taken final vows in the Benedictine order.

Paul abandoned the life he had led as a prosperous apothecary shortly after he, as he puts it, "met an angel." Normally a very logical, precise man not given to flights of fancy, this experience left Paul at a loss for words to describe it.

"We have all manner of words to describe ugliness, but beauty leaves us speechless. It little profits you for me to say that the lady I met had blonde hair of rare beauty or that her voice was musical, for such words do not convey the depth of her, the sense of presence, the feeling of terrifying power held gently in check. Words do not adequately communicate the feeling of endless joy that suffused me in her presence, or explain why I felt the desire to weep at my own sinfulness, yet, at the same time, want to love everyone in God's universe. Ugliness is a human thing, so we comprehend it well; it is wrought of our own failings. But beauty is nearer to perfection, which comes from God, and so we are powerless to describe it, for God cannot be known or explained in words."

Ability Stats

CON 14+2
STR 11
INT 16+3
WIS 17+3
DEX 13+1
CHA 12+1

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