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House MD Episode Spoilers

I include disease spoilers in this listing because I am trying to keep track of what the diseases were.

Air Date

Episode Title

Final Diagnosis

November 16, 2004


Tapeworm ingested with improperly cooked ham. Diagnosed by x-ray.

November 23, 2004


Much debate about the patient's parentage; turns out he was adopted. Can't remember his diagnosis. Symptoms were hallucinations and myoclonic jerk, which is what clued House as to the final diagnosis.

November 30, 2004

"Occam's Razor"

The patient presents after having a seizure immediately after sex with his fiancee. I can't remember the diagnosis, but the sex was a red herring.

December 7, 2004


I think the final diagnosis was something like Pseudomonas that had grown drug-resistant. It was spread by a hospital volunteer worker who had a URI.

December 14, 2004

"Damned If You Do"

Episode with the nun who had an allergy to copper that had gone undiagnosed for quite a long time. It was being exacerbated by a copper IUD that was still indwelling.

December 21, 2004

"The Socratic Method"

The final diagnosis is Wilson's disease--abnormal accumulation of copper in the body, marked by head titubation and a copper-colored ring around the ocular iris.

December 28, 2004


Final diagnosis is African sleeping sickness transmitted by sexual contact.


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