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January 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Heard at the Office


Yes, sirree...At my office, blind people get treated just the same as everyone else.

Sighted co-worker to blind co-worker: "Just don't spill my coffee. I don't care about your coffee."

Leianora--I'm curious--Does JAWS change its vocal inflection for italics?

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It will if it's set up to do so, but I don't have mine set up that way. To me, it's a bit annoying. I just have mine set to speak plainly.

Leianora--Okay, thanks for letting me know. As long as you've got the inflection function turned off, I won't keep any mental notes to use one method over another to indicate vocal tone changes.


She already beat me to the answer... you get a higher pitched inflection for CAPS, but not italics, unless you set it up. :-)

Lance--Wow, I never expected you to know anything about JAWS. Is it a MicroSoft product?


Nope, accessibility is simply one of my fields here at work. Feel free to send me any issues you see with Windows and accessibility aids. :)

Lance--Neat! Nope, I have no real issues, just a curious one. BigShot does funky things to the mouse pointer. It turns the pointer black, even when BigShot isn't officially 'on.' Aside from that, though, it's a very useful prduct, and it's working very well for me.

Kudoes to you guys. MicroSoft does go to great lenghs to work accessibility into Windows, and I appreciate it, even if I don't need the fancier things.