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January 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Excerpt from a Paul Post

Never let an ex-DeathEater get bored and frustrated. Not a good thing. (g)

Dated 08/12/04 in gareth_adams:

I feel restless, tonight, as if I want to leave London entirely and go walk someplace where it is storming. I want lightning, and thunder, and wind. I want to stir up something, ride a horse or a broom very fast. Walk through the worst part of London and have to deal with ten or twenty thugs--without magic. Without mercy.

I want to do something that takes every last shred of my concentration to do.

I've been reading old SPH posts all day and enjoying myself doing so.

Re the Current Mood--'Nostalgia' means 'pain from knowledge,' I think. But there is no pain in this, only fondness.

Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic

I've been reading old SPH posts all day and enjoying myself doing so.

I've been experiencing the same kind of nostalgia as well as being quite inspired by the SPH project. Even if it only lasted 18 months we all did some great writing and so funny too.

Of course, this is getting me juiced up to do some writing with you in the near future.

Viv--I think that's why I've been doing this; just to get myself back into that frame of mind.

I read some of Mary Elizabeth's posts, too, and she cracks me up.