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January 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
A Moment of Hod (Awe)

I am very grateful for my marriage, this evening--grateful that Mark and I love each other enough to not want to hurt each other and respect each other enough to be honest with each other.

I wrote a private vent tonight about money. I realized halfway through the vent what was really bugging me, so I was able to calm down and look at the matter with new eyes. Mark came in to ask why I hadn't eaten dinner yet, and I told him that I had been writing a vent and what it was about.

We were able to sit down with each other and have an honest but constructive talk about the financial situation, and that allayed a lot of my frustrations.

We are very, very lucky to have this kind of relationship, and I thank God for it. I would rather be rich in mutual trust and love than rich in money, any day.

Current Mood: loving and thankful

I'm glad you have that!

I have a question, though. Did it take awhile to get to that place in a relationship, or was it always there? I mean, did you ever have problems with discussing things but could always find a common ground and eventually it just got better or was it always easy to just sit down and talk it through?