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January 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Writing Progress - Avriet

It's turning out to be quite a productive evening. I've so far gone through the first four chapters of my draft of The Curse of Avriet, revising them. So far I have made two major changes.

  1. I have changed the character of Archmage Verne Marchand. He is no longer an incompetent wizard with no self-esteem. He is now an average wizard who knows that he is average and has the honesty to admit it. I like this version of him a lot better. The previous version, which is in musevoices, comes across like a stereotype of a bumbling, scared rabbit of a man. The new version comes across as a real person.
  2. I deleted about a page worth of the old Marchand's private thoughts and half a page of description of the translocation disks. I figure I can explain more about them later in the story, instead of telling it all in what was essentially an information dump. In truth, these bits were Nanowrimo-induced verbage--padding to raise my word count--so it's good that I'm getting rid of these parts.

Looking forward to doing more; I still have about 45 minutes in which to continue tonight.

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