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January 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
An Immoral Resignation?

Seen in the journal of cabrutus: Because Justice O'Connor did the immoral thing and resigned, I thought this would be a good time to post what I've been fermenting in the last few days....

Excuse me? Since when is it immoral for a woman to resign her job so she can care for her husband, who's ill?!

Good God, I know there are plenty of people who are disappointed that Justice O'Connor resigned, but criminey! Show some compassion, already. Take a step out of your own little world, guy.

Edit: He has now ammended it to 'possibly immoral.' *dies laughing.*

Current Mood: annoyedannoyed

The conclusions from the legal theory aspects of the post were equally bizarre, though I wouldn't argue that thinking those issues through is a bad thing in the least. My guess is that week from now he'll realize he's not at the end of that thinking, however.

I didn't care for his attitude of unquestioning certainty of the correctness of his conclusions. I kept thinking, "How do you know this is true?" But I figured he was enough of a nut job that arguing with him would be pointless, so I didn't comment.


I toyed with it, but I kind of came out the same place you did: "who needs the drama?"

Immoral, huh? I hope someone keeps that in mind for him, should anyone important to him fall ill and need his care. What an ass.

Justice O'Connor did what I consider to be a noble and loving thing, and I honor it no matter how disappointed I am to see her leave.


Heard on the news last night that her husband has Alzheimer's. Now I understand a little better why she's resigning. I'm no happier about it, but I understand.

Some people just haven't got a lick of sense. Y'know?

Sure, I'm going to miss Sandra Day O'Connor. She has been a wonderful justice for the 24 years she's been on the court. But there comes a time for everyone to leave, and this is her time. She's stood her watch and then some.

*eye roll*

Because, you know, after serving for nearly 25 years (and all the years before those in other capacities), the woman couldn't possibly deserve retirement. She's 75 years old! If she's lucky, she'll live 25 more years, and I hope she does. I can't begin to imagine the stress, the incredible pressure that goes along with being a Supreme Court Justice, no matter what band of the political spectrum each Justice holds to. I hope her years of retirement are everything she could wish - she has EARNED it.

I guess what cabrutus forgets is that the responsibility for right governance of this country does not fall solely on Justice O'Connor's shoulders; the responsibility ultimately lies with cabrutus and with US. All of us. What happens up there on Capitol Hill, WE are responsible for. The problem is, so many people (like cabrutus) are just bitching about how someone else should do the work to get the results he/she wants. It's our government, and it's up to us to find a way to take it back instead of just hanging on for the ride. Blogging is a great way to spread information, but getting the country's leaders to take us seriously requires more than cabrutus's inaccurate LJ whining. What's "immoral" is cabrutus's inability to recognize that Justice O'Connor is passing the torch - TO US.

Re: *eye roll*

That's a very good point, I think the best comment that has so far been made about cabrutus' post. Thank you for making it.