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Aerden [userpic]
Letting Go

Oh, lord, this made me want to cry. Poor Wil and his family!


Dude, what a sad story :(

I had to hide my tears from my coworkers :P

I was at home, fortunately, so I could sniffle in my bedroom.

*sigh* :(


Grrr, it DID make me cry! Thank goodness my boss doesn't come in til late or else my man-kudos would have gone seriously downhill.

Wierd though, i'll not bat an eye over the 300,000 killed by earthquake and tsunami, or the story of that Schiavo woman, yet Wil Wheaton's cat dies and i have to grab some tissues.

Guess i must just be a cat person :)

I think that's because it was a personal story and not a new event. It's so much something that any of us could experience.

Plus, reading his story, I felt like I knew his cat. I could imagine the glossiness of his black fur, imagine him doing the figure-eight thing around Wil's ankles that cats do, and just had a real sense of that cat's personality. I could see why Wil's wife named him Felix; he seemed like an elegant cat. We just don't get that same sense of immediacy with the enormity of the earthquake.


That brought me almost (I was at work) to tears at well. He writes so movingly about his family and pets.